James Gannon

I'm a writer of dark urban fiction and creator of the Adventures In Idle comic. I draw as a hobby and read and game in my spare time. I'm also a manager in the United States Wrestling Federation. I will be using this space to highlight some of my more personal interests.
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I’m sick in the head.

Time for antibiotics.

Wonder wonder wonder wonder no more.  I am the man who wrote The Book Of Love.  You may now shake my hand.

Can you teach a new dog old tricks?

Yeah, probably.

Dang, everyone went out to dinner without me tonight.

I wish my work place allowed me to accept tips as I was offered 20 bucks.  Never thought I could get a tip that big with my clothes on.

New FaceBook profile and cover pics.

Now playing.

I wonder if cashiers appreciate how neatly I cut out the coupons along the lines.

Ugh, almond milk latte.  Never again.

I’m fine with a new Bill & Ted movie as long as they pretend Bogus Journey never happened.